About Us

K.C.C.Group of Companies were started in 1980 with Power Loom Sector, and now it has expanded itself in to an Advanced Textile Composite Industry consisting of Spinning, Weaving, included with Sizing and Garment Division Under the guidance and Motivation by our Honorable CEO Mr. Thangavel Gounder. Our empire has a history with latest facilities and is being innovated under one roof at Somanur, in Tirupur district of TamilNadu. We depend and work on 100% cotton Fibers, as we respect the nature.

Adopting ethical business practices and we believe relationships are the key to success in our business. We work hard to ensure that you are well represented by the best service and Products in the Asian hemisphere.

Vision & Values

An Ethical approach to business ensures integrity in all our dealings, making us synonymous with reliability and trustworthiness. Our core focus has always been to make sure that each person connected with us – our vendor, employee of customer – finds our origination fulfilling as well as fruitful. As we change with the times, we will ensure that our values stay constant, because more than anything else, we will remain a group that values…to come…

Spinning Division

As the Group’s exclusive spinning unit, KCC Exports (Spinning Division), was established in 2006 at Coimbatore. Aimed at manufacturing 100% cotton yarn for woven fabric making. Our Spinning Division consist a capacity of 30,000 kgs production per month with 100% cotton Yarn in 60’s and in 80’s count. Our Quality standards are specified and maintained as of SITRA norms. From an advanced machines of Blow-room to Auto coner, the infrastructure is equipped for producing superior yarn quality. A proposed expansion plan of additional spindle age is well on its way to spinning success…

Weaving Division

Woven Fabric manufacturing was started in 1980, with a Manual Power Loom Section of production capacity of 15,000 meters per month. We have automated our Weaving division with an projectile Auto Looms that is capable to produce wider width of fabrics up to 305 cm, and an production capacity of 3,00,000 meters per month over a fine grade of Shirting and Homemade Fabrics. We highly insist on Quality of our products. A better Fabric makes a Better Garment. We maintain our Quality parameters as per standards of INDIAN Textile Association. Included with latest Jupiter made Sizing machine of production capacity of 2, 00,000 kgs per month.

Garment Division

Our garment Division is designed for a wide range of products from, Woven Shirt’s, Woven Trouser’s, Knitted Inner wear’s of Brief and Vest, Terry Towels, Knitted Sports Wear of T-Shirts, Tracks, Shorts, Gym Vest, Hoodies and Homemade ups of Cushion covers, Bed Spread for home and Hospitals.

Our products are market over the brand name “WOOD PEPPER”, we are trade mark registered and market all over Tamil Nadu for retail shops and we hold online shopping site, www.woodpepper.com.